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GrabCAD Workbench just got a lot smarter…

Today was an exciting day. I’ve been following the development of over the past year or two and they keep impressing me. I’ve always been excited by companies that diversify in unpredictable, but sensible directions. GrabCAD is one of these. Starting out as an online CAD file sharing platform, they broke the mold in theContinue Reading

Autodesk | Mockup 360 First Look

Our Guest Author Mike Thomas bangs out another review of an Autodesk 360 product. This time he’s taking a look at the recently released Cloud powered ‘Mockup 360′ 3D collaboration tool.Continue Reading

Fusion 360 Goes Live

Fusion 360 is now commercially available…and free for 90 daysContinue Reading

PLM 360 | Is Your Existing Management System Losing Money?

While doing a cost analysis on a company’s search system, I realised PLM 360 would solve their problems for FREE… Check it out.Continue Reading

Civil BIM | Is it Coming to my Cloud?

Wanted to know what’s up with Civil BIM, and the impending cloud? I did, so I asked. Continue Reading

Carl Bass | Think of Computing as Though it Were Infinite

Carl Bass discusses how Autodesk is thinking of computing as though there were no limits. Here’s my comments and the link.Continue Reading