Frame used Autodesk University to announce that Autodesk had certified their platform for use with AutoCAD & Revit. This week Frame is using SolidWorks World to announce their new Pro 64GB version. Here is a snippet from the press release…

DALLAS, TX – (February 1, 2016) – Frame (, the cloud service that lets users run any software in a browser, announced release of its new system, Pro 64GB, that designers and engineers can use to run their most performance-demanding applications in the cloud.

Frame Pro 64GB is optimized for modern, multi-core simulation and rendering applications. It packs 2 Intel Xeon CPUs, 4 NVIDIA GRID GPUs, 64GB of memory, and an SSD flash drive in a cloud-based system that users can access on demand for under $4 per hour.

Conventional rendering hardware and high-end virtualization solutions come with a very high price tag,” said Nikola Bozinovic, CEO of Frame. “Our new Pro 64GB offering allows designers to shift to powerful visual workstations on demand. Access to stunning interactive photorealistic rendering has never been easier.


What is Frame? Think of Frame as an online computer in which you put your software, applications, and related tools and access it through a web browser, anywhere, on just about any device. Their tagline “All you need is a browser“, sums it up perfectly.

Frame - How It Works

There are many benefits of using Frame, including the flexibility of working from any location, only requiring an internet connection and a browser. (Take a look at my first review for more details). There is no client software to install, no plugins, it doesn’t need java or flash, all it needs is an HTML5 capable browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

This new option extends the line of online systems. A huge benefit is that you can scale up and down depending on your need. Just doing office type things? Use the Air 4GB or Air 8GB. Drafting, modeling, video editing, or graphic designing? Bump up to the Pro 16GB. Working with a large assembly, performing stress analysis or doing a lot of rendering? Use the new Pro 64GB | quad GPU “supercomputer“.

The new Pro 64GB is running Dual Intel Xeon CPUs, Quad NVIDIA GRID GPUS, and 64GB memory.

Frame - PhysicallyBasedRenderingPerformance


How much faster will this yield results in rendering and simulation?

“Modern multicore and multithreaded applications are built to take advantage of the combination of CPU and GPU processing power. While your mileage may vary, our ISV partners, such as Ansys, Luxion, NVIDIA, Dassault, and Chaos groups, see near linear scaling as a user moves up the Frame system product line.”

Frame - Performance64


Interested? Visit the frame website and start your free trial. Or give SolidWorks a go, in the cloud, on frame, at


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