Inventor and Windows 8.1 Preview

This weekend I thought I’d take a risk and install Windows 8.1 Preview. I was aware there have been a number of application compatibility issues, including one with AutoCAD but decided to go for it anyway. Microsoft released a fix pretty quickly for the AutoCAD issue within the first round of their updates for the Preview, I hope they or Autodesk release a fix for this one fairly quickly.

This problem isn’t restricted to just Inventor 2014 but has been reported with Inventor 2013 as well. I’m not sure about previous releases. I currently don’t have a fix for the problem, I’ll post back here if I do, in the meantime I uninstalled Inventor 2014 to confirm the problem would go away and sure enough it does. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to generate a dump file yet to assess if the Inventor 2014 issue is identical to the one confirmed with Inventor 2013 on this forum post, thank you to those guys for troubleshooting the problem and sharing it with everyone online.

The important part of the error is as follows:

FAILURE_ID_HASH_STRING: um:application_fault_e06d7363_rse.dll!rsetxnbulletin::setdefunct

Loaded symbol image file: rse.dll
Image path: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Inventor 2013\Bin\rse.dll
Image name: rse.dll

Obviously Windows 8.1 Preview isn’t supported by Autodesk, but hopefully the final released of 8.1 will be. In the meantime I hope either Microsoft or Autodesk release a fix to deal with this sooner than that. For now I’m going to go away and decide if I’m going to persevere with the problem, uninstall Inventor permanently (unlikely) or format my PC and return to Windows 8 RTM. I’ll post back here with any revelations or fixes.


Inventor 2014 Won't Start Windows 8.1 Preview

I can’t get Inventor 2014 to launch at all, along with Inventor trashing Windows Explorer (Although everything seems to work when using the windows forms within an application), I will be regressing back to plain old Windows 8 for the time being.


Please make sure you read the comments below, Autodesk have fixed this issue. If you have 2014 products installed, then main thing is you MAKE SURE you have all of the product updates applied BEFORE upgrading to Windows 8.1.