Author: Michael Thomas

The Brand New Lenovo ThinkPad P1

Lenovo ThinkPad P1 – No Compromise. Period. “The perfect combination of workstation knowhow, ultra-premium look and feel, true mobility and the ThinkPad P1 pedigree – removing the tradeoff of sacrificing looks for power.” The ThinkPad P1 is a new addition to the Lenovo mobile workstation portfolio, designed in direct response from customer feedback. This new ThinkPad provides the power of a workstation but in a sleek, compact unit. From the pictures, it is one sexy unit! Featuring a seamless keyboard, glass touchpad, black-out logos, and a deeper black chassis, this unit is only 3/4″ (18.4mm) thick and weighs in at only 3.76lb (1.7kg)....

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Autodesk Vault 2019.1

Autodesk Vault 2019.1 “Vault product data management (PDM) software helps you create better designs, reduce errors, and build a more efficient development cycle.” A bit under the radar, Autodesk released the Vault 2019.1 update. This is applicable to all “flavours” of Vault. You’ll find it for download within your Autodesk Account. I will admit to not taking the new features overly seriously, as I initially found them a bit underwhelming. However, the amount of positive feedback I received from my Vault users came completely unexpectantly. You can chalk this up to the little-things; saving time and clearer feedback. So, what’s new?...

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