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Get More Done by Saying No!

Learn to Say No Your time is valuable. More importantly, it is not free. You need to put a price on your time. Saying No is OK! Learn to say No! Why? Saying no allows you to focus on the important tasks (see 80/20 rule). When a...

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Document. All. The. Things.

Alex Fielder shares his reality of documenting software code development and resulting processing surrounding the use of the software within a business. If you are coding already, or are about to start learning, gaining Alex’s insight in this article will be well worth your time.

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A Story Of Implementation – The Path to ERP

What’s the first step towards selecting an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution? Knowing you need an ERP system! Before choosing an ERP system evaluate your business first. Where do you excel? Where are you inefficient? Where do you want to be be in 3, 5, or 10 years? Once you have answered these questions you’ll be better prepared to make your selection.

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