Creating New by Example Sheet Set

Welcome to part 3 of our deep-dive into AutoCAD Sheet Sets. In the last part, we explored creating new Sheet Sets to manage existing drawings. This is an excellent option obviously when you have drawings created outside a sheet set, yet you still want the options to manage them. This does limit the usefulness somewhat, as you are pulling together existing drawings which may or not be setup correctly to utilize the Sheet Set information to its fullest.

So, when you want to build a new Sheet Set, essentially starting the project .use the Example Sheet Set option. This uses the selected Sheet Set as the template to build the structure and default settings for the new sheet set. This does not copy any of the sheets from the existing Sheet Set, but once the new Set is created you can import layouts from any drawing.

Using the Wizard

Creating a new Sheet Set starts from the Sheet Set Manager. Using the drop-down select New Sheet Set…

AutoCAD-Sheet Set Manager-New Sheet Set

The first step of the wizard is selecting the Beginning” type. Wanting to create a new Sheet Set, not collecting existing drawings, select the An example sheet set option. Think of this as selecting the template for which the new set is based.

AutoCAD-Sheet-Set-New Example Sheet Set

The second step is selecting the desired Example Sheet Set. This can be from one of the provided Autodesk templates or by browsing and selecting any existing Sheet Set.

AutoCAD-Sheet-Set-New Sheet Set Example

The selected Example will set the default details and settings. Use the next step of the wizard to tweak and adjust the details (Name, Description, DST location) and properties. We’ll be exploring the properties in much more detail in upcoming posts.


When everything set you get one last chance to review the configuration. If satisfied, click Finish to generate your new Sheet Set.

AutoCAD Sheet Set New Confirm


Live and in Action


What’s Next? Using the Sheet Set Manager to be all it can be!




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