Product Data Management (PDM) has for a long time been perceived as a complicated environment, slowing down engineers, some even considering it as an unavoidable necessary evil. While it is still not easy to install and configure, new options such as cloud virtualization can bring some alternatives.

Cloud Product Data Management?

I had the honour of collaborating with Oleg Shilovitsky of BeyondPLM as we decided to share our thoughts on PDM system implementations outside of the traditional on-premise configuration. It seemed like a good fit as I’ve recently blogged about using Frame as a platform to host traditional desktop tools in the cloud and on BeyondPLM Oleg looked at What can make a difference in a new collaboration paradigm and if we need super cloud PDM?.(amongst many other great articles).

Is there a Place in the cloud for Product Data Management (PDM)?

Many years CAD users’ only option was to use PDM (Product Data Management) system to manage CAD files and revisions. PDM was also a system to help a team of engineer to access data and collaborate. Engineers is one of the most innovative groups of people. However, when it comes to their own tools, engineers are very conservative. You can easy expect the following vision for data management from an engineer – “I want to work with my designs (files), please leave me alone and stop selling me PDM tools”.

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