Author: John Evans

AutoCAD Civil 3D INSUNITS Scaling

AutoCAD Civil 3D INSUNITS Scaling problems are becoming evident as pre-2017 drawings are referenced with newer versions. AutoCAD automatically scales incoming blocks and external references (xrefs) to match the receiving drawing, according to their INSUNITS settings. If one is set to Feet and another Inches, the system will scale accordingly. This is generally understood, but can be an occupational hazard. We always verify key distances after an insert or xref is added. Well, almost always. What Went Wrong with AutoCAD Civil 3D INSUNITS Scaling Recently I was involved with a 2016 drawing that went out with INSUNITS = 2 (feet),...

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Solid Edge Cloud Gateway Disconnect

Recently, a few people, including myself, have experienced problems connecting with the Solid Edge Cloud Gateway.  I hoped that posting the solution here would help some folks find the solution faster. Problem – Can’t connect to the Solid Edge Cloud Gateway After using the cloud licensing gateway daily for months with no issues, it suddenly began posting an error. Paraphrased here as, “Solid Edge Cloud Gateway cannot connect to the internet. Please check your connection and firewalls.” What gives? We were undergoing a router change at the same time, so I harassed IT folks here, to no avail. Scott...

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