Author: John Evans

Solid Edge Cloud Gateway Disconnect

Recently, a few people, including myself, have experienced problems connecting with the Solid Edge Cloud Gateway.  I hoped that posting the solution here would help some folks find the solution faster. Problem – Can’t connect to the Solid Edge Cloud Gateway After using the cloud licensing gateway daily for months with no issues, it suddenly began posting an error. Paraphrased here as, “Solid Edge Cloud Gateway cannot connect to the internet. Please check your connection and firewalls.” What gives? We were undergoing a router change at the same time, so I harassed IT folks here, to no avail. Scott...

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Solid Edge Cloud-Enabled Licensing for ST9 Follow-up

Earlier I wrote about the Solid Edge Cloud-Enabled licensing option in ST9.  This option gives users the ability to check out their license from the cloud, and operate their single-seat of Solid Edge from multiple locations. For example, I use it at my home office and from the main office. It sounded great, but there were some issues voiced within the community as it was emerging: Users must call Siemens customer support to revert to their standard licensing. Cloud licensing means INTERNET. Siemens PLM had stated that Solid Edge Cloud-Enabled Licensing will not be the best option for everyone, but...

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