Recently, a few people, including myself, have experienced problems connecting with the Solid Edge Cloud Gateway.  I hoped that posting the solution here would help some folks find the solution faster.

Problem – Can’t connect to the Solid Edge Cloud Gateway

After using the cloud licensing gateway daily for months with no issues, it suddenly began posting an error. Paraphrased here as, “Solid Edge Cloud Gateway cannot connect to the internet. Please check your connection and firewalls.” What gives? We were undergoing a router change at the same time, so I harassed IT folks here, to no avail.

Solid Edge Cloud Gateway Cant Connect

Scott Wertel found a thread that had the answer. Posted in a Solid Edge forum, Siemens noted that they had a bit of trouble with their cloud license server. Shortly thereafter they noted that the problem was solved. People, including me, continued having trouble. The last entry stated that if you were not on ST9: MPI 8 or better, you need to install the maintenance packs.


I installed MPI 9, and the cloud gateway began working flawlessly again. Thanks to everyone on the Solid Edge forums, including my friend Sean Cresswell and uk_dave, for their rapid assistance.