Earlier I wrote about the Solid Edge Cloud-Enabled licensing option in ST9.  This option gives users the ability to check out their license from the cloud, and operate their single-seat of Solid Edge from multiple locations. For example, I use it at my home office and from the main office.

It sounded great, but there were some issues voiced within the community as it was emerging:

  • Users must call Siemens customer support to revert to their standard licensing.
  • Cloud licensing means INTERNET.

Siemens PLM had stated that Solid Edge Cloud-Enabled Licensing will not be the best option for everyone, but simply one of many options. They went on to say that the call-in steps to get their license reverted are rather simple, and fast.

Solid Edge ST9 Licensing Dialog

Cloud-Enabled Licensing Works

Users following the instructions mentioned previously (having to visit the Siemens Licensing Website), will be directed to the Siemens PLM License management website. Fill in the field with the appropriate license number and pick “Cloud Enabled License” link. I don’t quite remember the precise events thereafter, except I can say that I had my confirmed cloud-enabled license quickly, and in a straight-forward manner.

Siemens PLM License Manager Website

Thereafter, when users click on the Solid Edge desktop icon to start the software, a login page is imposed. After adding the correct login information, a page is displayed stating that Solid Edge can now be started as usual. Clicking the icon again from the desk-top starts the software, which behaves as usual.

Solid Edge ST9 Cloud License

Personally, after using it, I love it; it works great.

I did get rather frustrated once, when I forgot to sign out at the day office. Wanting to continue some of out turbine research at home, I found that the cloud enabled licensing really does work, because it said my license was still checked-out. That is one mistake I no longer make.


I agree that this is a simple detail, and not as if the product team delivered us a splined-shaft option in the Solid Edge Shaft Generator, but it is something that Siemens PLM has offered to its customers, makes my life easier, and seems to work rather well.