Author: Scott_Moyse

Lenovo ThinkPad P50 Mobile Workstation – 3 Month Review

A few months ago we finally convinced Lenovo to send a bit of hardware all the way to New Zealand for me to test. It’s been pretty exciting having the privilege of putting their new mid sized mobile workstation through its paces over the last 3 months. This post lays out my findings over a 3 month real world test, where I’ve pretty much used the ThinkPad P50 day in day out.

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Solidworks BIM Content Creation Tips & Tricks

Autodesk has a great toolsets for creating BIM content, but a huge portion of Building Products Manufacturers have a legacy of using Solidworks to design and prototype their products. So what options do they have when it comes to delivering good quality BIM content to their customers? This post delivers various workflows available to Solidworks BIM content creators.

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