Chris Kyle, legendary U.S. Navy Seal that has been purported to be the most prolific sniper in history, was murdered Saturday in Texas. Chris was 38 years old. His recent book ‘American Sniper’ was quite popular among military readers, discussed at length his 4 tours of duty overseas. He was nicknamed the ‘Devil of Ramadi’ after 4 tours overseas, including the bloody Fallujia campaign in Iraq. Chris was credited with over 150 kills, and a successful shot at 2100 yards. That’s over a mile ladies and gents.

Chris was known to do whatever he could to save the Marines he watched over, including joining them when the need presented itself, and in one case I recall, shooting his way in and out of a bad situation in order to save a squad. He started the Fitco Cares Foundation, attempting to help veterans return to civilian life with exercise equipment and counseling. He believed that exercise and camaraderie were essential to helping those veterans make the adjustment.

The news has reported that he and Chad Littlefield, age 25, were trying to help U.S. Marine Eddie Ray Routh through the foundation, and had taken Routh out to Chris’ rifle range in Glen Rose Texas for some recreation. Routh opened fire on the two with a handgun, killing them both, and fled by stealing Chris’ truck. He was apprehended by authorities, but they didn’t kill the bastard because he gave up peacefully. You can read the rest of the police arrest and what happened elsewhere, as it is truly irrelevant in this context.

I’m not saying that anyone should murder Routh, because that would be illegal, but if someone bagged him from 1000 meters leaving the courtroom, it might seem fitting. Texas rangers might be a little slow to chase the man who did it. I’m just sayin’.

Rest in peace Chris Kyle, you saved so many people. I wish that I had the opportunity to meet you. May God bless your family.

Image courtesy of the New York Times