While downloading a new install of Autodesk Inventor Fusion 2013, I decided to snoop about on Autodesk Labs to see what else is hiding in the massive list of free software. I am always amazed at how the Labs list has grown. I decided to select some current titles just in the hopes of encouraging a few of you to try something new.

Selected Labs Titles


Autodesk Inventor Fusion

Fusion is possibly the best deal on the planet. A very functional modeling platform with the best simplification tools available, The best part of Fusion is that it’s free, and Autodesk continues to add more features to the product.


Project Falcon

Falcon is a wind tunnel simulator with automatic meshing and also offers direct integration into Autodesk Alias. Latest version of Falcon installs as a standalone installation.


Project Scout

Scout is a tech preview for functionality in Autodesk Simulation Mechanical, and offers parametric design studies, a new drop-test wizard, and the new AMG-MF solver.


Autodesk Simulus

Simulus is one that I’ve mentioned frequently, and is a simulation platform like Simulation Mechanical, built on Fusion with very stream lined tools and reporting. It’s so easy to use, and the cloud solving behind the scenes is beyond impressive.


If you have the opportunity, please check these out, and remember to comment on Labs, or simply use the feedback tools in the respective software interfaces. The Labs teams are constantly watching for your input and I guarantee they read and consider every comment that is made.