Autodesk Civil 3D effectively sorts parcels by placing them on different ‘Sites’, much like a virtual layer. This is most effective for limiting the scope of effect. Parcels on the same site interact with one another; those not sharing the same site are blind to one-another.

Autodesk Civil 3D Parcel Segments Site


Multiple Sites Make Stylizing and Control Easier

Autodesk Civil 3D Parcel Segments LayerOne issue that arises is that very often it’s nearly impossible to get the exact annotative effects using a single site arrangement of parcels. What many of us have found is that for large overall or sometimes complex arrangements, it is much easier to simply start with the overall parcel to be annotated, and then copy that parcel to a new site before chopping it up.

You can then annotate the overall in any way you like, with complete layer control, and experience the same luxuries for the other site’s chopped up parcel arrangements.

Overlapping Parcel

Whenever you have parcels on different sites, you will eventually have an overlapping segment. In the case of the example above, the entire outer boundary will overlap. We deal with this using careful layer control.

Things can seem quite difficult when trying to sort the parcels properly, where the segment layers are concerned. In some instances, the segments, having separate layering than the resulting parcel, end up on the same layer.

In this example, we have a parcel that was copied to a new site.

  • The parcel layers are identical
  • The parcel names are identical
  • The parcel segments are identical
  • The parcel segment layers are identical

The only thing that makes them different is the site that they reside on.

Autodesk Civil 3D Parcel Segments Layer

Controlling this is quite easy through layers, however the rub is in the segment layer. You can edit the parcel name in the prospector, as well as use the ‘Select’ function from the context menu to change that parcel’s layer. Simple.

However, when you pick a segment, it can seem troublesome to determine which bloody parcel that it belongs to. The hover tool-tip often helps, but gets confused by overlapping entities, and the damn thing doesn’t always activate when you’d like.

Not a problem.

Properties Dialog

Pick the segment in question. Bring up your Properties dialog, and look at the bottom of the list. The Site it belongs to is shown. From the pull-down above that, pick the correct layer that the parcel and/or its segment should reside.

Autodesk Civil 3D Parcel Segments Layer

Once both the parcel and its segments are on the correct layer(s), freeze it. The other site’s parcel and its segments are quite simple now to distinguish and layer.

Your Comments

I know someone else out there has an alternate method, or even a better one. Please feel free to leave your thoughts here. We’d appreciate it.