Autodesk University 2014: Mindset Tools to Anticipate, Plan for, and Create the Future

Today during the last day of Autodesk University, the final live streamed Innovation Forum session took place; Mindset: Tools to Anticipate, Plan for, and Create the Future. I haven’t watched it myself yet, but a number of tweets from attendees certainly got me interested, they even had Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s grandson Fabien Cousteau listed as the main speaker! So I will definitely be taking the time to watch it later on this evening. I’ve genuinely been impressed with this AU from afar and I’m super gutted that I didn’t push through with getting to the event like I have managed for the last two years.

Class Description

It’s clear that we’re living a world that’s volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous. And within every industry, we’re seeing dizzying examples of new ways to make things. But what’s less clear is how organizations can systematically learn to understand, align with, and act on the broad forces of disruption. Join the MindSet Innovation Forum, which highlights essential skills to take advantage of new technologies applicable to every industry.

Selected Quotes

Angelo Vermeulen, visual artist

  • “I work with people to recycle wastes and build living ecosystems inside the computer networks that use those wastes”
  • “A culture of living organisms is collaborating with technology – symbiosis”
  • “Entangled reality – imagine having sensors inside your ecosystem that capture the dynamics, and using that data, real world getting into the virtual”
  • “Evolvability – the deep belief as a biologist that technology will accumulate more and more properties of living biology”
  • “I’m inspired by hardware”
  • “I am using a very specific design approach in my projects, approach things from multiple angles”
  • “Cross cultural dialogue is crucial to gaining a larger perspective on possible solutions for problems”
  • “I have a very different approach – we use no plan we just start building and slowly but surely everything emerges. It’s a very different approach than other design strategies”
  • “We approach building things from different angles simultaneously, without having a master plan”
  • “A second characteristic of how I am working is I am using a lot of waste – on one hand it makes the creators and the designers way more resilient , it makes humanity way more resilient”
  • “This approach leads to a discovery of questions as you go, leads to a very interesting way of designing things”
  • “The consequence of working like this is that you bind community – putting people in a position of such empowerment glues the community together, it gets people truly excited”

Bob Richards, CEO, Moon Express

  • “My passion in life, what drives me, is to help humanity become a multi world species”
  • “We live in an ocean of awesome, we live in a water planet that we are only just now beginning to discover, we’ve only scratched the surface”
  • “We live in an epic where we are now just leaving our world, starting to cross the ocean of space”
  • “When generations look back on us, this is the moment that we are leaving our planet for the first time”
  • “The moon is our sister world like the 8th continent”
  • “We’re proud to say we have used Autodesk tools in our design. Only by the power of simulation and computation, are we able to do what only superpowers have done before”
  • “What last year was a design, this year is a reality”
  • “The moon has water, a recent discovery, we are going to learn to use water as fuel, the moon is a fuel depot in the sky”
  • “We’ll help the interplanetary move from earth to earth’s orbit to the moon and beyond – making the humanity a multi world species”

Fabien Cousteau, aquanaut, oceanographic explorer, conservationist, and documentary filmmaker

  • “Oceans are the inner space of adventure”
  • “We have explored less than 5% of our oceans and yet nearly 95% of our worlds biodiversity is said to be living in and round that water body”
  • “When I was a kid I have to admit something to you all, in front of all the cameras, I was a terrible student. I grew up in a family of explorers and my imagination was going out the window in the school room – my imagination went way beyond that window”
  • “We were able to do 3 years’ worth of scientific research and data collection in one month because of the unprecedented access this opportunity afforded us”
  • “We were able to use new technologies to be able to see what goes on in that environment when were not around – what happens with climate change and acidification, what happens with pollution issues”
  • “As these systems get thrown into more and more chaos because of the unpredictability – we are realizing very real world repercussions on health, on the economy and of course on the future viability of these platforms”
  • “I’m a toy guy, I’m a technology guy – I’m not a scientist – the point of my adventure is to bring that knowledge back to the general masses so we can infuse them with a passion and knowledge so they can make better decisions”
  • “With technology, we’re able to get better insight into the biological realm so we can see biomechanics”
  • “Through the use of these innovative technologies we can imagine a new type of underwater habitat”
  • “As I mentioned bringing this to the general public is extremely important to me, especially youth – so they can learn to be better human beings”
  • “This adventure made me dream, made me dream about the future potential of what an underwater city or network of cities could afford us”

Pete Kelsey, Strategic Projects Executive, Autodesk

  • “For me, cool isn’t enough. Cool doesn’t pay the bills”
  • “The elephant in the room in terms of marine infrastructure is the oil and gas industry. That is next great opportunity for all the work we’ve being doing at Autodesk.”
  • “I can’t think of a better answer to “so what” than this – we at Autodesk are investing – Autodesk Maritime R&D, into something that is worth the investment and the time
  • “For me there was always something missing, something nagging, there must be a way to share that connection with data or a place with a much broader audience”
  • “Physical to digital to physical again”
  • “With Wow – all things are possible”

Tom Wujec, Fellow at Autodesk

  • “This century’s literacy is about design”

Mouse McCoy, world-class racer, stunt man, and the founder and creative director of Bandito Brother

  • “We are dreamers, designers and makers”
  • “We’ve always played with cars and cars have always played with our imagination”
  • “Evil Knievel holds one world record and that’s for the most broken bones”
  • “We are looking forward to the future of smart systems, data, engineering to take us out of the cowboy realm
  • “Looking forward as we look at what’s possible to reframe man and machine, how can smarter systems evolve what we do”
  • “Stunts are just going to become engineering, we can turn that into STEM and STEAM curriculum and in that process, refine what’s possible for man and machine”

Watch for yourself