image3DConnexion, the ultimate 3D navigation solution for design has announced the release of a brand new product, the SpaceMouse Pro. I had a chance to chat with the company about the new product, and found a mid placed product at a mid placed price. You get all of the quality that goes into their sweet 6 DOF puck that everyone has come to love so much. Additionally the button quality is said to be identical to that of the SpacePilot Pro, 3DConnexion’s flagship product.

More Specifications from 3DConnexion

The SpaceMouse Pro 3D mouse is an easy-to-use, professional solution with advanced features, including:


Professional Navigation:

The patented six-degrees-of-freedom sensor provides intuitive 3D navigation while five QuickView keys offer one-touch access to 12 view combinations – top, right, front, and 90-degree rotation.

Advanced Ergonomic Design:

SpaceMouse Pro ensures a balanced and comfortable workflow with full-size, soft-coated hand rest and fifteen large, tactile and easy-to-locate buttons.

Application Control:

Four large, fully customizable Intelligent Function Keys provide fingertip access to frequently used application commands while the new On-screen Display provides visual feedback on function key assignment. In addition, SpaceMouse Pro’s Keyboard Modifiers provide convenient access to Control, Shift, Alt, Esc functions.


In a more realistic sense, it appears to be a SpacePilot Pro, without the LCD screen. The size is about 10% smaller than that product, and the weight as well. I love the button layout and the on-screen menu. I’d like to see more with that in the future. The unit’s price and overall configuration appear to be a direct replacement for the Space Explorer product, however the company assured me that as long as their customers wanted to purchase the Space Explorer, they would sell and support those models. What I have not had the chance to do is to put my hands on one yet. Tomorrow evening I will get the chance and see if it is in fact as tough and precise as it’s counterparts, and I’ll let you know just what I find out.

3Dconnexion will be demonstrating the SpaceMouse Pro in booth #136 at Autodesk University 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Nov. 29 – Dec. 1.