Today was a full on high speed low drag day. After preparing for the Publisher Lab I was to assist with later in the day, I headed to the Manufacturing Lounge to see what was going on. I have been so busy with meetings and my own class, that I had not been to the lounge.

Manufacturing Lounge

imageLet me tell you, that place was packed out. Most of the time it was standing room only. The Sim Squad folks were there on hand, and in repeated attendance were Shakeel Mirza, James Herzing, and Tyler Henderson to name but a few. Rob Cohee and Kevin Schneider were often found there too. If you couldn’t speak with someone from manufacturing about your product or problem, well you didn’t try at all. Industry leaders like Wasim Younis and Sean Dotson were stopping in between classes as well.


I had the chance to chat with Pete Lord, which is always a pleasure, and quite an enlightening experience. He was hanging out looking to talk.  (Yes, that’s Mark Flayler talking with Pete Lord. I didn’t want to mention him, but he’s in the picture. 🙂 ) We have one more day at AU, and if you didn’t get the chance to come by, then you’d better get there tomorrow. The team is putting on some final demonstrations, so stop by early to find out when and where.  I must congratulate Autodesk Manufacturing for the fantastic team turn out this year. I have never seen anything quite like it.


I had the opportunity to slip into two fantastic classes on Autodesk Simulation 2012.

imageFirst was “Advanced Techniques for Nonlinear Contact and Drop Shock Analysis” with Shoubing Zhuang, Sr Research Engineer, and Michael Smell, Technical Consultant on the Simulation team. The class was great and one I really had 6 months ago, because it outlined the growing pains of getting up to speed on Autodesk Simulation Mechanical and Multiphysics. Fantastic class.

Next I popped into “Advanced Thermal, Nonlinear Stress, Fatigue, and Vibration Workflow” with Bruno Fairy, Technical Specialist at Parker Hannifin, and James Herzing, Technical Consultant for the Autodesk Simulation team. This was the firehose class where numerous workflows were presented for common and difficult scenarios, in under 90 minutes.

image Then on to the Publisher Lab with Dan Banach of Mastergraphics, and a host of great lab assistants. Dan has 18 years of teaching experience, and the class reflected that. It went off smoother than any lab I have ever seen, with the possible exception of tying with Mirza’s Inventor simulation lab last year. Dan had it down to a science, and everyone in the class seemed to get a lot out of it.

Simulation Mixer

Later, after running all over the place for an hour, I caught up with the simulation folks at the LAVO club for a few beers and tapas. Everyone that taught a class today was there, and while short lived, I got to talk with everyone about their classes.

Later I caught up with Sean Dotson, Jay Tedeschi, Ravi Akela, Jamie Gillchrist, Martyn Day, Al Dean, Kevin Ellingson, and Josh Mings for a few laughs. A nice end to one busy simulation training day.


Tomorrow I will be trying some new things out for the last day of Autodesk University. It should prove to be quite interesting. I’ll let you know how it goes.