Civil 3D 2013 brought us pressure pipes, and a whole load of new configuration issues with additional catalogues. I had a friend who was missing some data, and I started digging about. As many of you recall, I spent a great deal of time trying to decode the mysteries behind the Civil 3D Parts Builder, and after that experience I vowed to never dig back into that part of the software again.

CAD Masters Post on the Pressure Pipes Editor

SNAGHTML241b8237Fortunately the folks at CAD Masters have been doing some research of their own on pressure pipes, and I thought the information would be good to pass along. The post includes paths and explanations of what you can and cannot do. The post was related to the 2013 release.


CAD Soft Consulting – New Enhancements

Here’s a YouTube video from my friends in Arizona. Ron Couillard discusses some new features and updates in 2014 and demonstrates some of the process. If you are going to Autodesk University, make sure you attend his classes; they are always good.