Thinkstation Refresh

Lenovo has refreshed their desktop lines of Thinkstations. At first glance, it might not seem significant, but dig a little deeper and there are some really nice enhancements.

  • Support for the latest NVIDIA Pascal graphics cards, the P5000 and P6000
  • Microsoft Windows Signature preload included for a cleaner, enterprise-ready preload image
  • New FLEX Drive Bay design to allow users to add a drive through a new front access enclosure with Blind Connect technology
  • Updates for Lenovo Performance Tuner, including updates to application profiles and additional monitoring support

“The workstation business is all about pushing the limits of performance. We are intensely focused on turning the impossible into an everyday occurrence and helping visionaries transform their ideas into reality.” – Rob Herman, General Manager, Workstation Business Unit, Lenovo

The Nvidia Pascal architecture replaces the old Maxwell architecture, making it the new and improved GPU architecture. Pascal provides improved computer performance with an increase in CUDA cores and clock speed, and improvement in GPU performance. Boil it down and this means MORE POWER!

The enterprise-ready preload provides a cleaner operating system, with none of the Windows 10 fluff and preloaded crap that every IT person removes before they roll out a new workstation. Less work for IT and better performance for the end-user… win-win.

Not hot-swappable, but still a nice touch is the new front access bays to add additional components without having to open the chassis. With the blind connect you just shove the component into the bay and it connects itself.

The new ThinkStation workstations will be available in December.