Did you want to get into Simulation and FEA? While at Manufacturing Tech Day 2011, I was introduced to the new forum designed to help Simulation users get the most out of their Digital Prototyping applications. The Autodesk Sim Squad. This is a team of dedicated professionals from all over the world who are experts in all forms of simulation that Autodesk is involved with, including CFD and Plastic Part Injection.Autodesk has spent half a billion dollars in the past 5 years to assemble and streamline the finest collection of simulation and FEA applications available, and that is pointless if you don’t receive the benefit. So they’ve put together a panel of experts to help you make the most of Digital Prototyping, simulation, and analysis projects. image

“It should be freaking amazing. All of the guys on the squad are experts who have spent their careers specializing in simulation.” – Jay Tedeschi, Technical Marketing Specialist for the Autodesk Manufacturing Division

Team Experts

imageimageThere are 15 members listed on the page. Among those are key code writers and engineers that have been responsible for much of the simulation products that Autodesk provides, including Moldflow and Algor. There are more PHD’s in one room than you can swing a cat at. Sorry Buzz, couldn’t help it.

I asked Bob Williams, Technical Marketing Manager for Autodesk Simulation about how the team works. 

How long has Autodesk been putting the team together?

“…The expertise of the SIM Squad has always existed inside the walls of Autodesk. However, plans to formalize increased access to the SIM Squad and launch the related web site have been underway for a few months.”

Is the Sim Squad merely these 15 folks, or is there a full team behind them?

“…Similar to all customer support teams, the SIM Squad is managed by a central coordinator to ensure all questions/inquiries are managed to a successful close. In addition, the SIM Squad does not replace existing Autodesk teams that deal with pre- and post-sales support in the area of simulation. Instead, the SIM Squad complements and supplements those teams.”

What kind of direct support can the community hope to receive?
  • “Explore and discuss the latest trends, issues, and developments in simulation.”
  • “Increase awareness, adoption, and successful use of simulation throughout “manufacturing
  • “Support for all simulation users (engineers, analysts, specialists)—Support is NOT limited to Autodesk users”
  • “Connect with larger simulation community—online and at events”

“Support for all simulation users (engineers, analysts, specialists)—Support is NOT limited to Autodesk users”


Autodesk is really excited about the results of their efforts to make the company the broadest provider of manufacturing simulation software anywhere. The Sim Squad is another measure of how serious they are about simulation technology, and how successful they want their users to be.

On the site there are forums, white papers, videos, detailed information about each member, a contact page to submit your questions, and even a telephone number.  I emailed in and had a response within 4 hours. They briefly explained what I had asked about, and then asked if I needed more details.  So far, it has been fairly straight forward.

The Autodesk Sim Squad official site