Tetra4D, a market leader in creating 3D PDF. They are poised to really shake things up in the world of PDF and document presentation, yet again. Tetra4D took the opportunity at Autodesk University to announce two exciting products: Automate and a mobile viewer.

Taking a quick step backward, what a lot of people do not appreciate is that PDF is a container for any type of data. Think of it as a portfolio, that 3D can be a big part. It’s a collection of information, with relationships between the data. Tetra4D uses this to its advantage to present an entire solution.

If you are not familiar with the Enrich product, take a look at my reviewEnrich is able to convert 20+ CAD formats and neutral formats. Once converted it enables 3D measurements, markups, and different view types directly within Adobe Acrobat. With Enrich you build interactive 3D PDF’s.

The Enrich product is updated with a new replace reference feature. This is key, as you can build a template, positioning the 3D data, and then replace the reference to quickly generate another document.


“Automatically Create Data Rich 3D PDFs with Tetra4D Automate. With Tetra4D Automate, manufacturers get a simple server solution that enables them to create data rich, interactive 3D PDF documents automatically or on-demand”

Tetra4D Automate is a server solution to automate the generation of Tetra4D PDFs. Automate capitalizes on the new replace reference feature to generate new PDF documents, either on demand or on batch. It’s important that it works with your Enrich templates. So now, you create your 3D PDF template and using Automate generate however many documents you require.

“Being able to automatically populate 3D PDF templates created with Tetra4D Enrich has by far been the most requested capability by our customers,” said Lionel Vieilly, product manager for Tetra4D at Tech Soft 3D.

Tetra4d Automate

The Automate solution is a simple server-based offering setup easily and requiring very little in the form of training, customization, or support.

Mobile Viewer

After much effort, Tetra4D has solved the issue of presenting the full 3D PDF experience on a mobile device. Currently in beta, the Tetra4D mobile viewer provides ubiquitous access to the Enrich generated 3D PDF portfolio. An IOS version is also in development and will be available in early 2017.

With the free (yes free) product you access the PDF via the built in dropbox feature or by options like email. With non-Enrich generated PDFs, you still can view the 3D, but obviously not to the same level. You can test out the mobile app for yourself now.


I’m excited to get access to the new products shortly and will be following up this post with a full hands-on review. Keep your eyes open for that.

For More Information…

Listen to their Beyond 3D podcast for insights and stories about 3D data

Automate, Converter and Enrich can be purchased through an authorized reseller or directly from www.tetra4d.com.