OK, I finally got through the assessment and sample exams online. I have passed all the Prep tests Autodesk offers, but not acing them. I passed.

I have the 2008 AOTC guides for user and expert.  These were great and I think I will recommend them for training materials, because the really short form describe the features well.  I don’t have them for Civil, and can’t afford any more study guides.

Associate test

The associate test is still a mystery.  It’s multiple choice and other formatted questions, but there are no sample questions for it.  The closest thing I can compare this to (not having taken the test) is the Assessment tests, because of the question format, like multiple choice.

Autodesk has updated the test system to show all the questions after you are done, and to mark the corrected answers. Very nice.

I hate "Check all that apply" questions, because no matter how good you are, there are just too many ways to get something done, and you don’t use all the options. I really suck at these kinds of tests. Just let me get in there and do it.  I believe the 2008 exams were ALL performance based.

There was one question that after reading and looking for the answer, I still don’t know what they were talking about.  No clue.  Not even the subject matter.  While the test is ongoing, there is no prompt to describe the functionality being discussed, and the particular question related to an edit box, without mention of the related feature. 

Professional Test

There were a few questions that I thought could be interpreted this way or that on the Professional samples, but there is no avenue to review the questions afterward, and I don’t have a photographic memory.  Autodesk will not (and can not) review the test with me, except to relate a few known bugs and to be prepared for that.

This is a fun test.  Nothing but “do this” and answer an easy question about them.  If you took Dan’s certification class, and then the sample test, you will probably find yourself thinking back to it and how good it really was.


This week

I will be studying Civil.  I have no exam guides, and after taking the assessment test last time, I really feel the difference not having the guides to work with.  It sucks.  I just need 1 more book!!!!!!

It’s not that I’m too weak to take the test, I just hate check all that apply/ multiple choice, and have no book to study from.  The books really help you get through those kinds of questions (I think).

We have had some difficult problems like my wife’s van died, and we have to drive 350 miles to the test, and have no vehicle to do it with.  Makes it kind of difficult.  Study has been taken over by dealing car stuff all week.  Some nice people asked me to get Part Builder finished, but it’s Friday, and no study all week…no part builder…..and no solution to the transportation either.

Pray that everything shapes out, so I can concentrate on the studies and pass my exams.