Marion LandryRecently we interviewed Sean Young of HP regarding his take on judging the ongoing Morgan Motor Contest, and what we needed to do in order to win the $5000 cash prize and the HP Z-Book workstation that are up for grabs. We understand that the rules and criteria of the contest are well established, however we wanted to get a feel for as many of the judges’ personal perspectives that each entry would be reviewed through. We got the opportunity to speak with Marion Landry, Technical Marketing Manager at Autodesk, and Chrysoulla Srabian, Marketing Manager, Cross Industry, who told us what was important to them, and what was going on in their camp.


D&M: “How has the contest been progressing?”

Chrysoulla SrabianCS: “We’ve seen almost 45,000 page views, and we’re watching the progress on Facebook (Autodesk’s 3ds Max & Showcase Facebook Pages), as well as on the Autodesk Area site.”

D&M: “What key factors are important to Autodesk when judging these entries?”

ML: “It’s mainly an advertisement for a Morgan Motor Company. We want to see creative ways of using the 3-wheeler. The model is completely customizable; stickers, materials, overlays, you can go wild and get really creative. For me, it is interesting to see how software can be used creatively to achieve this. But the competition is not just about each software but also about art direction and 2D design. Don’t forget, Pixlr ( Autodesk’s online image editor) is available for completing the ad layout. It’s a well-rounded 2D and 3D competition.

ML: “There are a lot of images available in Morgan Motor Company’s magazine ‘MOG’. Contestants can get a lot of inspiration from these. The ad doesn’t have to be just one rendering, it can have multiple slides with sporty and contrasting customization of the vehicle. If the contestant isn’t the best at rendering, they could use this approach to really bring out just how customizable the vehicle is.

D&M: “After speaking with Talenthouse, It was my impression that this was primarily an ad. However I started to get the feeling that it was more about the rendering. How do you feel about this?”

ML: “The ad will have a life of its own and will continue on beyond the extent of the contest. Rendering is a tool to be used to create the ad [as are the other processes required to make the ad]. Ask yourself: “Can Morgan Motor Company use this to promote their vehicle?”…Yes, then Bingo! It’s not just the rendering, but a photo-edited product, so tweak it! Some contestants might be first time trial users of the software trial, but have great strengths in advertising.

CS: “Big automotive companies use high complexity visualization and rendering platforms to produce their products. As with so many things, the Morgan Motor Company does not conform to the typical automotive design process. Morgan Motors is still family owned and it is a smaller company. As with all of their cars, the design workflow for the Morgan Motors 3-wheeler is more similar to your more typical product design process. The contest as a result is more approachable by people in many industries. Morgan Motor Company appreciates creativity and we are all looking forward to seeing the same type of excitement with creativity from a broad spectrum of people in the final ad.”

D&M: “Did you have anything else you wanted potential contestants to know about the contest?”

CS: “Autodesk works with some really cool brands; big names. Running the old 3ds Max Design Hero contest, I loved the ability to showcase the talent of artists that haven’t quite ‘made it’ yet. Many of these people have amazing skill and create beautiful work. In this new contest format, we can connect these artists with companies like the Morgan Motor Company. We really love this aspect, we applaud Talenthouse for their crowd-sourcing approach; taking a community of artists and connecting them to the world.”

Autodesk’s Area Site

clip_image001Autodesk’s Area site has always been one of the most informative product related sites I have found. Marion posted the Morgan Motor Contest ad page on the Area site, and has received a huge response in the comments there.

She spends a good amount of time answering questions including technical issues about using the software. The image to the right is an example that she posted helping someone applying a decal in Autodesk 3ds Max Design. She also provided close up images of the 3 wheeler to help contestants understand the Morgan 3 wheeler in more details if they plan to add small missing components Contestants should definitely check out these links to get some really great ideas and technical assistance using the software.

Link to the Area’s News and Announcements Post about the Contest

Marion’s Tips for Success

Marion has posted a design FAQ on the Talenthouse site in order to help contestants with their entries. She discusses design, rendering, and contest concerns. It is a really good piece that everyone should read, with image examples and a lot of good information. She also adds tips and tricks for Showcase and 3ds Max Design on her YouTube channel.

Additionally she pointed out a link there to a step by step video guide for the contest put together by Sean Young, which is another great resource*.


There is definitely more than one way to approach the contest. I was quite relieved to hear Autodesk’s perspective on the contest, and how it’s not only the rendering, but more importantly it’s an advertisement for Morgan Motor Company. From what I have learned it really does not matter how good you are with the software, or how creative you are with the customizations. If you can capture Morgan Motor Company’s passion for the car and their customers, and bring that to the world in an inspiring advertisement, you are definitely on Marion Landry’s radar. I’m betting if you nail that combination, you’ll be a hit with all the judges, including the most important one, Morgan Motor Company.

*Don’t forget to make use of Design & Motion’s quick start guide for rendering Morgan 3 wheeler’s in the wild, if you are a late starter in this competition then our tutorial is a perfect place to start.