Autodesk just recently released updates for Vault 2014 and Vault 2014 with the Subscription Release. Pay close attention that Service Pack 2 is for Vaults that DO NOT have Subscription Release 1 applied.

To download Vault 2014 Subscription Release 1, Service Pack 1 you’ll need to visit the Autodesk Subscription site.

Autodesk Vault 2014 Branding

The update fixes a variety of problems, but the one that might go unnoticed (fly under the radar) is the fix to Workspace Sync.

Using the command line parameter -S for Connectivity.WorkspaceSync.exe would result in an error “Not a valid settings file path”.

Workspace Sync From the Commandline

This problem effected us almost immediately as we moved to 2014, as running Workspace Sync from the command line just stopped working, just like that. Design & Motion’s Scott Moyse was also affected by it, he had a bee in his bonnet about it all year!

Workspace Sync

Using the Workspace Synchronization tool, Vault will analyze your local workspace and updates or removes files based on what is current within the Vault workspace.

As you use Vault and are checking in and out files, Vault automatically copies the files to your local working folder. This can result in a ton of files on your hardrive, in a very short period of time. This is not a good thing because if you are using Inventor and one Master Vault Project this leads to Inventor having to weed through many more files than it needs, to resolve your assembly references…. aka it affects performance!

As other people may make changes to the files between the time you work on them again, your local copies may no longer be up-to-date and not match the version in the Vault. The link between Vault and Inventor is definitely better than it was, but we found using Workspace Sync greatly reduced the amount of wrong versions of files being used. The issue this corrected was the use of files that had been renamed or deleted in Vault but the user had not removed the old versions from their local working folder.

In a CAD Manager type role, I realized early on in our move to Vault that this was going to have to be scripted, because people were forgetting to do it on a regular basis… or not doing it at all! Workspace Sync is important to run regularly as it helps insure people are not working on older versions of files and it keeps the working folder with the minimum amount of files. I had one user with over 20,000 files in his local working folder, and he wondered why his Inventor was slow!

Workspace Sync Scanning Local Working Folder

Running Workspace Sync from the command line became a standard scheduled task on all of our engineering systems. We run the Windows defrag Monday, disk cleanup (cleanmgr.exe /sagerun) and c:\temp cleanup Tuesday’s, and the Workspace Sync Friday.

Workspace Sync Dialog

So we’ve been forced back to manually initiating the Workspace Sync, until now. I applied the Service Pack last week and my Workspace Sync is back to running without error, scheduled as a scripted Windows Task, on a weekly basis.

To read how to run Workspace Sync from the command line, visit the Autodesk Wiki