The Morgan Motor Company Ad Contest is sadly coming to a close. You can still get your entry in before the deadline, Wednesday, March 26, 2014. The winner will be announced on May 5, 2014. There is still a lot to do between those two dates.

Voting Starts March 27

One prize, the People’s Choice is centered around your opinion, and not the official judges. The HP ZBook 15” Mobile Workstation and related publicity will be determined solely on community voting. This will take place between March 27 – April 10, giving everyone plenty of time to get involved.

A Preview of Morgan Motor Company Contest Entries

We decided that it would be really nice to look at some of the creativity in the entries so far, and give everyone a preview of some of the best entries involved. The entire Design & Motion team joined in (John Evans, Scott Moyse, Gavin Bath, and Mike Thomas) and had some fun chatting about these wonderful ads.

Ahmed Zidan’s Ad

Ahmed Zidan Morgan Motor Company Ad Contest EntryJE: I thought this Ad page was quite nice; The lighting and early morning fog was beautiful touch to set the scene. It left me feeling like I wanted to be there, driving the vehicle. Plus the material finish and decal preparation was superb. This ad made me want a 3-wheeler more than any other.

SM: Ahmed has styled his 3 wheeler very tastefully. He’s kept the image very clean, thereby letting it speak for itself. It quite cleverly evokes the feeling of speed, with a delicate balance between the modern finish of the coachwork & the old school bleachers in the background. Stunning work Ahmed.

GB: I really like this one. The understated branding conveys the message that you should know what this is without a label, because it is so iconic. Nice soft shadows, the chrome accents look great, and the graphics on the bonnet are a nice touch. The fog and depth of field add great realism.

MT: I really like this one, how the car is coming out of the brightness. The white washout effect and blurred background really make the car jump out of the page. Out of the ones picked here this is my favorite and would have my vote.

Matthew Black’s Ad

Matthew-Black-Morgan-Motor-Company-AJE: I liked the concept of the background setup; the time lapse was well done and added a very interesting feel and keeps drawing me back. However I was disappointed in the lighting on the vehicle. It didn’t seem to jive with the scene setup and somehow seemed to be overwhelmed by the surroundings. Pity.

SM: I think the concept of this image is sound, so it’s quite unfortunate that Matthew got the scale of the 3 Wheeler quite wrong. She’s just too small. That aside, he has certainly composed the image well with respect to his tag line, for that reason I’m quite fond of this entry.

GB: Good concept here, nice layout, but I feel that the image is a bit too busy. The background looks a bit washed out with the white streaks.

MT: Way to busy, to me its an advertisement to tour the UK, not enough focus on the car.

Simon Hurtado’s Ad

Simon Hurtado Morgan Motor Company Ad Contest EntryJE: I think the artist conveyed the sepia toned image with a well matched tagline and scene background. He really brought the sensation of a ‘time gone by’ to bear. I felt however that the black paint didn’t set right in the image. The chrome seemed to fit in the surrounding scene lighting, but the black paint material setup didn’t seem to come alive for me.

SM: It appears Simon took an emotional approach to his ad. I can see this tugging at the heart strings of a few of those long standing members of the Morgan 3 Wheeler team. He’s done a great job reproducing the background and complimented the scene with a basic livery on the car, reflecting the era. My only issue with the image, is the scale of the 3 wheeler being around 10% too small. Also maybe the sepia filter is a bit too strong. Overall though, this is a strong entry from Simon.

GB: Fantastic theme here. I could almost hear the old gramophone playing and see the scratchy, jumpy moving images [ed. well said]. It could be improved by enhancing the front half of the car to make the fine details more obvious. Perhaps some of the shades blend in a bit too much with the background. Overall, a fantastic result.

MT: “Classic Reborn” is the perfect title for this image as it really is retro. I like how they made something new look elegant and classic

Theo Van Oostrom’s Ad

Theo Van Oostrom Morgan Motor Company Ad Contest EntryJE: I don’t know what it is about this ad, but I love it. The scene setup is amazing! The material setup does come alive, and the lighting and background clouds are wonderful. The tagline is off the hook too. A superb ad in my opinion and a hell of a poster. This ad made me want to be on that mountain with the 3-wheeler, or be back at Eglin AFB in the simulator again.

SM: Theo’s concept is wonderful, the rendering of the car is superb and I love the tag line. I just can’t get past the choice of foreground image. No doubt it would have been hard to find something suitable, it’s just a shame because the positioning of the car is too far detached from reality. I would love to see the same thing, but with a winding road coming down the right hand side of the image, and the 3 wheeler parked up on some gravel at the side of the road. It does make my heart race looking at this image though. Theo definitely has skills!

GB: Great render, great colours, great details. I love it except…. I just find the setting too unbelievable. For the “adventurous theme” I would have got more excited by a narrow, winding mountain road.

MT: Out of the 6 here this is the one that is ready for a magazine. Wow, very clever use of the clouds and mountain and the tag line to make me believe that someone actually drove a car to the top of the mountain. This is one of those images that at first you forget that its computer generated [ed: Exactly!!!].

Charlie Rist’s Ad

Charlie Rist Morgan Motor Company Ad Contest EntryJE: The ad rendering was beautiful, and I think that it conveys the 3-Wheeler in a symbolic gesture of … old-world-something that I can’t put my finger on. The scene, rendering, and feeling was well done, but overall the ad came off too plain (for me). The tagline slipped right by though; not the right mood for the image. Overall while it was a well done project, it lulled me into comfort, but did not excite me to buy a car.

SM: Charlie! what a mega image. simplicity at it’s best. The trees cloaked in fog are a master stroke, they add an air of mystic into the ad, which just leaves you wondering if there’s more. Very stylish, and leaves a lasting impact. Well done.

GB: The attention to detail here is awesome. I love the classic details, and the fact that the artist has selected just the right font for the number 3. Together with the brown stripe, the race digit just oozes classic automotive sentiment. I think this has to be my favourite.

MT: Difficult to put my finger on it but there’s something about this one I don’t really like. For some reason it makes me thing of Herby from the 60’s and 70’s Disney movies.

Marco Takx’s Ad

Marco Takx Morgan Motor Company Ad Contest EntryJE: I do like the paint job and customization, but that is about all for me. The material lighting at the front of the vehicle seemed to do well with the headlight visibility, but towards the rear of the vehicle the lighting didn’t seem to match the scene (the upholstery is not quite right perhaps?). The aspect of the beam and the physical headlights don’t seem to match which kept attracting my attention. It’s too dark to convey a message.

SM: Marco’s image highlights the seriously fun nature of Morgan 3 Wheelers. There aren’t many cars which could pull off that kind of livery. Nevertheless, I do wish he had let his imagine run wild a little more.

GB: I like the lighting in this one. The visible beams emanating from the headlights are a nice touch. I’d love to see some more depth, shine and maybe metallic effects in the paint to bring out the realism. The warbird effect is a unique one.

MT: I find this one too dark and the focus brings all my attention onto the teeth


Everyone here had a different perspective on what was important about each ad, and so will the community. I think Talenthouse made a great decision to include the community in this contest. I encourage everyone to go and cast your votes for the winner and give another deserving artist a chance to win a new computer and some well deserved publicity.

Remember, voting begins March 27th. You can get there directly by clicking the Talenthouse’s Morgan Motor Company Contest Ad at the top of this article.