The Sikorsky Beta test contest entries are due January 15th, 2010, so don’t forget.  If you have time of this holiday, and are not writing content as some of us are, then you may want to get involved in the contest.

The categories are:

Contest 1 – Use of iLogic

Contest 2 – Visualization

Contest 3 – Simulation

Contest 4 – Mold Design

Contest 5 – Favorite Help

Contest 6 – Beta Participation

Each prize will consist of an iPod touch® (8 MB) and Autodesk® SketchBook®Mobile.

If you are new you can register at 

Alternately you can send the Beta team an email with the following information:

"SikorskyB2" in the comment line, First and last name, and company name.

They’ll get back to you in time and let you know if you are selected to participate.  Right now Autodesk is limited on staff, so the delay may be a bit longer than normal.