Yes, I can write an eternity on AU, but it’s time to wrap it up.  A Quick Thank You note and then some afterthoughts following this article.

My intent this year was to

  • meet everyone I wanted to
  • get some good interviews
  • introduce some new courseware
  • to expand my skill set and professional horizons
  • to prove the benefit of AU, and to help increase attendance

Hopefully something I picked up will be useful to you all in the year to come.

Autodesk University Staff

I want to thank these folks right from the start.  Thank You very very much.  The Design Slams were a lot of fun, please continue them next year.

Special thanks to:

Cheryl Romero – God bless you! You are the bomb! (“The Queen of all things AU” was already coined by LA).

Joseph Wurcher…much thanks again, and it was nice to finally meet you this year.

Sophie Dupras…I didn’t get to meet you, but thanks for helping.

Autodesk personalities

Lynn Allen… Always a pleasure to speak with you.  Thanks

Karen Brewer… Truly captivating person. I look forward to speaking with you again. (…also the only person I have ever instantly remembered the name of).

Kevin Schneider…Well, I missed the chance to interview you, but thanks for the sweet Fusion demonstration…Teach next year please.

Autodesk Certifications

You folks really busted your rears.  This was not a convention for you, but a hard week of work… stuck with a guy who thought he should run half a mile before taking a test.  1600+ certifications in 3 days. 

Barbara Bowen, Nancy Tremblay, and all of you there that went out of your way to make everything as smooth as possible. Amazing.

Autodesk Usability

Ananth Uggirala, Carlos Olguin, and Erin Bradner. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you, and taking extra time to discuss the broad scope of usability.  Erin, one day I hope to actually meet you.


I can’t speak for the classes at ImaginIt, but the professionalism, warmth, and diversity of the people there always amazes me.  Every time I turn around, someone I enjoyed speaking with, that helped me, or that I think I need to speak with is from ImaginIt. 

Mark Flayler, Alex G. (Gioultouridis), Warren Medernach, Malcolm Fernandes and Elvis.  These guys really made me feel at home, and introduced me to some pretty cool people.  Thanks to all of you.


The classes and personal time taken, I really appreciate.  I think you have a good bunch up there Dan.

Dan Banach – As always, a truly good guy, that I can always count on for honest professional advice…and thanks for dinner too.

Thomas Fitzgerald and Stephen Gabriel did a great job this year.

More Speakers

Ron Couillard…Awesome classes, and a really good guy to be around.  Thanks again.

Adam Peter… Great class.  It was a pleasure to work with you.

Peter Maxfield…Thanks for a great class and the introductions.  I hope they will both expand the possibilities this year.

Shakeel Mizra…Really good class.  Thanks for your time.

Rollin Godette…Thanks for the class and the chat.

Chris Fuggit…Really good guy, thanks for the time bud.  Next year!


All those awesome bloggers and tweets that really made me feel at home.  Shaan Hurley… deserves a special thanks for all his hard work and keeping participation way up.  Thanks for the great Blogger Social as well.  That was a nice way to start AU.

Donnie Gladfelter… Thanks for introductions, passing my name along, and generally helping smooth out some rough spots.


Teruo Misumi…For allowing me to disturb your lunch, and inviting me to the meeting.