Fast Lenovo ThinkStation D30 Recently the postman stopped by to deliver a box HUGE box, which had Lenovo stenciled across the side. The box showing up was not really a surprise, as I have been contacted and offered the opportunity to review a new Lenovo computer. When asked what software would be used, I indicated we’d see:

  • Autodesk Product Design Suite 2013
  • Autodesk Inventor Fusion 2013
  • Simulation CFD and Mechanical 2013
  • and possibly a thing or two from the Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite

I said that I wanted to load the thing up and see how she does.

They replied “We have what you need”.

I wasn’t exactly sure what they were sending, but when I opened that rather large box, I was concerned. ‘Do I have enough office, or do I need to lease some space?’

Lenovo ThinkStation D30

What was sent was a Lenovo ThinkStation D30, packed with components that I didn’t know were commercially available yet. Fast, expensive, and fast. Right now that is all I feel comfortable saying about the psychotic black box, as the review will be published elsewhere before it will appear on Design&Motion.

I have tested some software, and did some preliminary benchmarking. I can safely say this without angering the publisher:

You will be shocked at the outcome of one specific simulation review. I still can’t believe it.

Check back in and we’ll let you know when the results get published.