Iaas on BeyondPLM I have been thinking about PLM lately, where it is heading, and what it means for those that actually benefit from it directly. Let’s face it; just because data is there, doesn’t mean it’s really useful. We’ll definitely be digging up some stuff this year at Autodesk University, and irritating a few people along the way.

I have been watching Siemens and Dassault to see how their cloud integration is moving, and how their products are being adapted along the way. Oleg Shilovitsky wrote another good bit titled

“Cloud PLM and IaaS Options”, discussing Teamcenter’s dynamically scalable cloud solution, and the 3rd-party computing infrastructure possibilities.

Read the article, and tell us what you think? http://beyondplm.com/2012/11/03/cloud-plm-and-iaas-options/

There was also a comment that closed with the statement that many customers would purchase PLM if it were provide as a service. Is this a significant factor for your company?  Let us know.

Image referenced from BeyondPLM.com