Have you ever tried using Assemblies in a library within Vault, then either gave up or put up with the annoying persistent saves thrown up by Inventor?

I have and prior to implementing Vault, the persistent saves were always something that annoyed me, but could never work out where they came from. You know how it is, you finish working on an assembly and hit save, but when you close the document it asks if you want to save. What usually follows are mumbling profanities about how stupid Inventor is.

Autodesk Inventor Vault Browser

Components marked with an asterisk have pending saves

Well along came Vault. So I set about updating all of our Libraries, standardized all the components, loaded them into Vault and released them. It was around this time I discovered we couldn’t check in any drawing or assembly that used an Assembly residing in a Vault Library. The Vault add-in requires that every referenced document is fully saved before it will check anything in, any files with changes pending are highlighted with an asterisk next to it in the Vault Browser. But you can’t save a Read-Only Library file, especially if it’s in a released and locked Vault Lifecycle State….

To find out more about this problem and the solution check out the Inventor Manufacturing section of the upcoming November 2011 edition of AUGI World magazine.

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