image I’m using Autodesk’s PLM 360 every day, and looking forward to having everything I care about managed through its potential. This is however only one opinion of a guy who has been coding for years and has built more than one database. Customization is simply a matter of time and strategy, and we don’t need many seats.

What do you need?

During a few discussions and a good amount of research, I have noticed a wide range or potential for managed data, and an equal amount of concern by users of PLM software over varying issues. What I’ve seen the most of recently was:


  • Customization concerns
  • High costs
  • Specific software compatibility

imageWhat issues and features are important to you?

How much is it worth?

This is really what I’d like to know, and what I am asking folks in any industry I encounter. “What dollar value would you pay annually for a management system that:

  • Was available anywhere you could access the internet?
  • That catalogued and provided access to every document you have on file. (There are some limitations therein, so just bear with me)
  • Was customizable to most any workflow that you might have?
  • Would permit people in the field and in the office, with equal accessibility and ease, to access as much (or little) information as you desire, any time, anywhere, and with anything that can access the web. This includes my Android phone. (I was scripting a solution on it recently when I was remote from the office)?
  • That provides User / Group security levels that can be managed on the fly?

Tell Us!!

I have heard some interesting responses so far, which I’ll put together in a report if I can gather enough information. Email us, comment, DM us on Twitter, or stop me and chat.  We have heard what the software developers say, but we want to  know what YOU think.

What would you be willing to pay for a service like I mentioned? Which of those features are the most important?

If you are using management software (TeamCenter, PLM 360, etc.) what makes it valuable?

Is your current solution worth the cost, and why or why not?

Anything else that is important to you on this topic, let us know.