image Rob Cohee adds some more to the Inventor vs. Solidworks saga with his discussion that ranges from Lean Design to iLogic. Why waste time?

Old habits are hard to break, and I have witnessed wasteful practice from every position I have held. I’m not talking about nit picky things that kill morale, but big, in your face things. Why? “cause that’s how we’ve always done it”. Well that blows.

I always mention in CAD managers groups related to Civil 3D adoption and new standards, etc, that if I could get management behind me, I could get some good technology oriented changes in place. However when it begins to hurt, management bails, leaving you with no enforcement. I know you’re nodding your heads, because we have all seen it.

So I noticed something Rob said, and it occurred to me that is what is missing from many of our approaches.

Identify Waste

No matter what design group you fall into, any time you can Document Waste, you have management’s attention. You have to identify it, and Document it. That leads us to getting them on board for the long haul:

Eliminate Waste

Show them how streamlined organization that eliminates wasteful searches, horribly inefficient revisions, design procedures that avoid standards, and on and on.   Document strategies using new technology such as intersections in Civil 3D and iLogic and Vault in Inventor. Lay out not only the losses prevented, but also how much easier it is on the people that actually have to use it.


Check out Rob’s video and article regarding iLogic and how it applies to streamlining standards, automating design variations, and much more. It’s two and a half minutes long, and it’s Rob… so expect a LOT of information.

A great quote from Brian Hall was found in the article summing up iLogic. Here is a snip:

“…iLogic allows me to add “logic” to that design which will account for each of the infinite number of different approaches to the theme of that design.  Straight parametric modeling can’t address that.”

Take about 10 minutes and check out the article, it’s a good one.