Autodesk Labs 3D Annotations Technology Preview

Autodesk Labs recently released the 3D annotations technology preview for Inventor 2010 and 2011. With this add-in you can mark up your models in the part file itself.  It is available at Autodesk Labs site.

What is included

If we look to the new Ribbon Tab that is added to the Inventor interface we can see what this offering can do:

  • Toleranced Dimensioning
  • Feature Notes
  • Text
  • GD&T Symbols

3D Annotations PMI Inspector in Autodesk Inventor

To the right is the Manage panel that includes the PMI Browser and the PMI Inspector. The browser works as an extension of the model browser functionality, making all the annotations easy to navigate and edit.  The PMI Inspector details various issues and oversight with the coverage of the 3D annotations.

Creative Inventor Magazine

I loaded the preview, and ran it through various scenarios to find out how it would react and where the breaking point was. I detailed everything I found in an article that will be published in next month’s edition of the Creative inventor Magazine, including some cool functionality of the PMI Inspector.

Interview with Pete Lord and Rob Cohee of Autodesk

Rob Cohee

Rob Cohee

Pete Lord

Pete Lord

I wanted to know what Autodesk had in store for the future of this offering, so I asked for some insight from those in the know. Rob Cohee introduced me to Pete Lord who gave me the run down, and how they wanted to see how the industry would use the tools.

Pete emphasized that “Any potential future Labs release will be judged on the demand of the industry as a whole. We are seeing some input from our Automotive and Aviation industries. We are looking forward to the remainder of the industries to chime in….”

You can read the entire interview and my detailed account of the 3D annotations functionality in the next installment of the Creative inventor Magazine.