This is old news, but I was having too much fun not to post it.

I have a big building pad with gridded verification shots.  I need to know where the pad is beyond tolerance, so I can direct the crews to verify those areas. 



That’s a lot of dots to look through, and there is a LOT more not shown.  Why not set up  temporary group of points and highlight them.

image     image

I create the Tolerance group at the top (so the group gets sorted first).  Then set the elevation criteria to be Greater than the tolerable value.  Last set the Point Style to my preset sort using color red. 

image   image

Now everything that needs to be verified is highlighted in red.  It took a whopping 60 seconds, and saved 15 minutes going over a hard copy. 

BTW, if you are not sure that you have cleared them all after verification, just pick the group in the prospector.  The remaining points will show up in the list below.