This option costs me SOOOOO much time every day.  Well, that and not saving valuable changes to my template.  So in tune with James’ famous PLEASE STOP posts, I’ll post some of my own now and then, mostly for my own sake.  Perhaps I’ll save a few of you some frustration.


Editing a style by selection through a Right Click Context menu is such a cool, convenient option, right. So much so, that faced with a large amount of style tuning, I’ll pick it anyhow.  JUST STOP!!  Break the habit.


Here’s the thing.  It all revolves around this magic button.


When making changes, we can apply them to a style and visually inspect the changes in our design.  This is nice, and I like to use it, especially when I need to make multiple passes at a complex style to get it just right.

Such changes will only update the object if your Style Composer Dialog is in direct line (interface wise) with the object.  When we go through another modal window, like this Edit Current Selection method, the apply never makes it back to the object.  It stops cold at the modal dialog.


So we hit OK, and then OK again.  Look at the changes, and go back through the context menu.  Up the ladder, and down the ladder.  Why, sheer laziness.


Use the context menu to determine the precise name of the style, then head for the Settings Tab of the Prospector to make the tedious changes.  This will allow much faster overhauls.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still edit through the context menu, especially to copy a style quickly, or change a drag state, but when it comes to any lengthy changes, I’ll perform them through the Settings Tab.