The Inventor Design Doctor does a great job informing us about problems.  Some of us just don’t stop to listen.

I suffer from ‘Just get out of the way, and I’ll fix it’ syndrome.  There are a lot of us go getter types that will just do it ourselves.  Occasionally someone might point out something important.  This is often the case with my children.  There is a problem, and one is trying to interrupt and tell me something.  I’ll tell him ‘just wait till I’m done figuring this out’, and find out later he was trying to point out the source of the problem.

Design Doctor

I can be that way with Inventor.  I was fixing some bug that sprung up, and the Design Doctor flagged the source.  I just hit OK 5 or 6 times until it went away.  I’d rather go to the Model Browser and fix it without all the dialog steps.

So I open the sketch where some constraint has fallen off due to a minor modification.  I get there and….umm… where is the problem?


This problem is covered up fairly well with cut edges.  I don’t want to start over, man that would be sad.  So I projected and constrained; Return.  No Joy.

After fighting it and staring at it for a few minutes, I calmed down and went back to the Design Doctor, and stepped through it one option at a time.


Now it makes sense.  I went in, killed the old constraint, and re-constrained it to the Cut Edge.


After a return, it’s all happy again.



The Design Doctor usually tells us stuff we already know.  We get frustrated, and just want the numerous dialog steps to be over.  However it does a great job of taking us right to the issue, and highlighting it.

Before you reinvent the wheel and wasted tons of time fixing something, try listening to the Doctor.  It might just save you a lot of frustration.