image Ok, I’m supposed to be writing AUGI articles right, right?  Yeah, but I just had to stop and put this down.  Have you seen this addition to the Labs?

Based on the community actions reviewed as a whole, the application will suggest commands related to your current workflow.  Seriously.  Elena Fadeeva’s team must be behind this somewhere.  Awesome!!!

The tool inserts itself into AutoCAD, and provides an interface that you can access your recently used commands and suggested commands.  The break in period is about 2 weeks, where you are expected to drive AutoCAD through the interface as much as possible.  Once the Training is over, recommendations will be provided.


While many of us are skilled users, the fact is that most of us operate by habit and in a comfort zone.  Numerous commands go by without any of us knowing they even exist.  I suspect this might really be useful.—community-commands.html

Download it now from Autodesk Labs