I recently upgraded my design office to the 2013 release of Product Design Suite and Vault Professional. It just so happened we had dozens of drawings to release just after we had migrated. Upon transitioning to the released state the job processor was triggered to synchronise properties, update the revision block and visualisation file. Two things happened at this point, the first one I blogged about here and the second one resulted in instantaneous errors each time the job processor tried to update the revision block.update revision table - previous release error

As a result all of my released drawing visualisation files were fully up to date apart from the revision history block which was showing the previous revision. Not ideal. So I contacted Autodesk to ask if this behaviour was a known issue and if there was a way to solve it. Even though the fell who helped me is Australian, he knows his stuff and duly gave me some options:

  1. DIY Revision Table (Manually updating your revision tables)
  2. Modify the JobProcessor.exe.config file

The first option didn’t work, but it does turn on some handy functionality. If you want to update the revision block from the vault client without using the painfully slow Job Processor, then use this modifier. You can even turn on the option for it to migrate the file to the current release of Inventor, handy indeed.

The second option is the clincher though. Follow the same steps Allan suggests in his DIY Revision Table post but using the JobProcessor.exe.config file instead. Switch both of the Keys over to 1 in the section of code shown below:


    0 Update Vault Revision Table if Inventor’s version corresponds to the file’s last saved version

    1 Update Vault Revision Table and migrate file

    Default is 0


    <add key=”UpdateRevBlockMigrateLatestINV” value=”0″ />

On the Autodesk Vault wiki there’s no mention of how the Job Processor may be affected by not migrating the files upfront. So it is another factor to consider if for whatever reason you don’t want to use this configuration change.

Hopefully this helps some of you guys out there.