image_thumb2In a BusinessWire news release yesterday, Autodesk announced a new application designed to assist iPad, iPod, and iPhone wielding engineers with static system calculations. ForceEffect uses constrained sketches in an intuitive drawing environment to simulate concepts with the ability to scale, move and rotate objects. Magnitudes are easily applied and the cascading results are conveyed graphically.

Import images in the background, trace elements over top and add welded, pivot, and sliding constraints as needed. Apply unknown forces elements by dragging a line where you need them. Once the known 2D forces are aligned, the application immediately begins to deliver results. It really is slick. You can check out the videos by going to Autodesk YouTube Channel.

image“Autodesk ForceEffect is a mobile conceptual simulation app that brings engineering to the point of the problem,” said Robert “Buzz” Kross, senior vice president, Manufacturing Industry Group at Autodesk. “This user-friendly app can greatly benefit engineers, students and technical DYIers who need to quickly and easily evaluate their designs upfront in the design process.” (per news release)

You can get it here at the iTunes app store.


This is not a new concept, as some third-party applications provide this type of calculation. However I think this is exactly what Autodesk Inventor was missing, and hope that it will find its way there very soon. Additionally, I think this type of super fast, preliminary calculation tool concept can be used in numerous industries including storm water analysis.

I love watching this app, and hope to get my hands on it real soon.