On the Civil 3D discussion group, there was a post requesting help getting an MText label with 2 leaders attached, to line up with text orthogonal in 2 different views. After trying to solve it, I realized I had never encountered the exact combination requested.

imageThe Qleader (MText attached leaders) will always rotate and align to the MText rotation. In the Viewport to the right the view is twisted, but the MText rotation is still actually 0° (absolute). The Leaders will never align other than to the rotation of the Mtext object (or annotative instance), which is still 0°.

However, did you know you can actually assign DIFFERENT PROPERTIES for EACH ANNOTATIVE instance of an object? I didn’t think of it like that, but YES YOU CAN.

In the upper examples both VP have an annotative scale named “ 1”=100’ “, with one on the right twisted at 130° or something like that. What if you assigned differently-identified annotative scales, with the same actual scale? Well if you assigned both to the MText and Leaders, you could work magic.

Annotative Instances are Magic

imageIn the image to the right, we shut off the ‘Match orientation to Layout’ option. Then we created 2 scales, both at 1”=100’.

The difference is we name them differently. “ 1”=100’ ”, and “ 1:100 ”.

We can then assign both scales to the same MText object, which will create 2 instances of the annotative text right? Now just grip each and using the properties dialog, manually enter the desired rotation for each instance in each Viewport. DON’T GRIP EDIT THE ROTATION!! Grip editing only works with dragging.

Not only can we modify the rotation, but also various properties assigned individually to each annotative instance of the text.

This fix was developed by Joseph D. Bouza, P.E, a regular contributor on the Civil 3D Discussion forums.