How do I deal with style differences in Autodesk Inventor?

Today during my day job, I crafted a blog post showing Inventor users how they create a situation where Autodesk Inventor informs them there is a style conflict each time they create a new file. This can happen with Inventor parts (.ipt), assemblies (.iam) & drawings (.idw or .dwg), but in the following video I show the issue specifically with an Inventor Appearance Asset. I’ve written a few posts on Design & Motion in the past about Autodesk Inventor’s new Materials & Appearance libraries, so I thought I should share this with our readers here as well.

So when you get a message stating:

“The following style definitions in template … differ from the definitions in the style library; the style library definitions will be used. …

Style Name

If the style definitions in the style library are intended for the new document, update the template with the new style definitions. If the style definitions in the template are intended for the new document, remove these styles from your style library using the Style Library Manager.”

This is why it happens & subsequently how you deal with it:

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