featured an interview with Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk, who commented on the $60 Million USD purchase of Socialcam that I discussed recently. Nothing really notable arose from the conversation. Here are the highlights.

Carl Bass and Michael Seibel interview

Photo courtesy of Bloomberg

Why Socialcam?

Carl replied to the question, “We’ve been growing this big consumer business, of giving creative applications to people who draw and sketch, for people who make and edit images, and we really see the next communication medium is video.”

Socialcam’s Comment

Carl was joined by Socialcam CEO Michael Seibel, and answered the question why did the two join together.

  • Autodesk Technology is responsible for best video effects
  • Autodesk consumer group’s best in class products are weighing on market
  • Joining the Autodesk team will give Socialcam best possibilities for their users

(Yeah, and 60 Mil and not being possibly run out of the market probably should have been on the list too)

What Will Happen to the Software?

Carl went on to say “…I think what we’ve done with most of the acquisitions in this space is we let them continue to do what they do well… we have great visual effects technology, so let’s let the team have access to that…”

I think the biggest thing is that Carl indicated that he wanted to let all Autodesk users have access to Socialcam. While things change rapidly as purchased technologies are merged at Autodesk, they have a long track record of knowing exactly where the pieces will fit in the very near future.

No one is saying much more, however I think Autodesk 360 and related cloud collaborative spaces would be the viable, and very promising place to look to.