Ok, next reason:

#2 Networking

There is no better way to meet peers in this profession than at Autodesk University.

If I have my numbers correct, there were 3500 attendees in 2006. There were 10000 attendees in 2007. Meeting new contacts that share your passions can only benefit your future.


Past, Present, and FUTURE problems have solutions. New contacts with shared interests can work together to reduce the time it takes to make a solution out of a problem.If you can’t meet someone who has been through similar situations as you, with a story of how they worked it out, in a crowd of 10000 peers, then we need to work on the communication skills.  


3 meals, 5 classes, and an evening event EACH DAY, you are meeting people that need something, and have things to offer as well. Exactly how many new possible business collaborations are you generating each day from your desk? You aren’t going to find those possibilities unless you get out there.

Career Opportunities

There are so many people with so many diversified skills, there is no knowing who might want your talents…. But you didn’t go. It’s ok. Look at the bright side! That firm next door has a sudden opening after their Sr. technician went to AU and got an unbelievable career opportunity.

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