Have you considered going to Autodesk university, but decided there wasn’t’ anything there for you. Perhaps you just couldn’t justify it. Let me tell you, it’s worth it.

Now, perhaps I am biased. I am as excited to get off that plane in Las Vegas, as I was to get off that plane in Osaka Japan.

Man I love AU.

Sadly, I cannot go to AU 2008.
My sponsor has backed out. I cannot shake the desire to look forward to the experience. So I figured I’d give everyone else some motivation to send their people to the best training possibility of the year. Perhaps also send someone who can recommend the best classes and schedules for them…….Hmmmm.

Here are some great reasons:

#1 Autodesk, Inc.

There is no better way to find out what Autodesk is up to than talking with them at AU. The speakers come out at every event, and really discuss the ideas and plans for botht he products and the industries.

I was invited to discuss the changes, and introduce new ideas at an open forum. Subsequently I have been asked to continue my discussions with them on occasion. That would never have happened without AU. Many thanks to Elena Fadeeva, all the staff at Usability, and the Civil 3D Product Design Team. I miss the opportunities this year already.

If you should get invited, pray, really pray that you don’t get seated with a bunch of loud, idiots who want to complain about the way things are going (when they haven’t seen the new ideas yet). With complaints the whole time, they may not get to. And during this, If you happen to see a sharp woman whose presence seems to have power in it. Don’t piss her off!! Just say “Yes Ma’am” and “No Ma’am”.  Getting to work with her team is a great experience.

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