After getting a feel for everything, we went to see my new friend Yuji Fukuoka at Nishida Machine Company in Sakai City, Osaka, Japan.  We took a traing to Otori station.  Trains…..  Did you know that you can take a train to anywhere you want to go in Japan.  They run on time.  The gravest incident on a train delay within the last 10 years (I think) was an absolute melt down incident.  The train was only 6 minutes late. 

I said to my bunch on our last day, with all the bags and gifts, “just jump off and get clear of the door”.  I got 30 seconds to get 200 pounds of stuff off this train, or I’ll be going to visit another town without you.  The train people are serious.

 “The sign says don’t rush onto train”….no but you’d better get the hell off in a hurry.

Did I mention they have GIRLS in Japan.   Yeah, well that’ll be another article 🙂

I met my friend at Nishida Factory.  He is the supervisor for production, and manages factories in at least 3 countries.  I asked him on the plane, when do you have to be back to work.  He said first thing in the morning.  I was traveling for 26 hours straight, and he had been going a bit longer.  No rest for the weary there. 

Fukuoka and me at Nishida

 Eng CAD section (half of it)

 He took me around, and showed me the whole operation.  It was alot of fun.  One interesting point is the cad department.  I have a nice office now, but I remember when it was not so nice.  Their  cube farm, OMG, I had no idea.  This is the cad team responsible for machinery going to Toyota, Hospitals, etc.   

“Drawers, what do you need drawers for? Do you think you are management?  Need room to put your book down, just hold it in your lap”.

We went to lunch and ate huge.  I mean my little one, food machine, couldn’t finish.

I paid for my friend too.  That was 5 of us.  Out the door 30 bucks.  Ever tried to go to Ruby’s or your local favorite at luchtime and feed 5 people for 30 bucks?  Did I mention that I did not go hungry in Japan.  We went back to Nishida, said good bye, and headed back to otori station.  Next stop Osaka JO (that’s castle for all you foriegners).

Next post is Osaka Castle, Beautiful garden, and the HOT Volleyball girl from New Zealand!