The trip here went well.  No hangups and good weather.  Unpacking was the painful part, since the company shirt embroidery went awry twice, and it’s too late to fix it. You’ll know when you see it. 


The early birds got here ok it seems.  The early check-in was backed up for awhile, but got moving by about 5:30 PM or so.  They gave us a badge, and a laptop bag with an Autodesk subscription cup, a printed overview (the same one as the linked PDF), and a show guide.  I asked about the Blogger ribbons, and they told me Shaan would pick them up and hand them out later (in case anyone was wondering).

South Convention Center, Level 1, Bayside B  Registration

Registration is not too difficult to find.  If you are staying at the Luxor, just get on the overpass plaza going to Mandalay Bay, and keeeeeeep going.  Follow the signs to the Mandalay Bay Conference center; Go Straight of hold to the right, and eventually you will hit it.  Just when the trail seems to go a bit cold, there are people in Autodesk vests to point the way.

There is a food court on Level 1 with about 8 or so places to eat at.  But with 5K+/- attendees, you’d better come early, and bring a loft of money.  The cheapest lunch you can get will be $10 plus.

I decided to tour the battle field before the combatants appear.  It was pretty quiet.  3 main floors with lounges and internet stations at various locations.


Unfortunately most of the pics I took were blurry.  Here a couple to give an idea of what it is like without 5000 or so crazed technicians.




Dan Banach was kind enough to have supper with me, and spend some time catching up on events in the past year.  The first part of our journey was finding a place that had a meal for less than 15 bucks.  Yeah right.

The journey went all through Mandalay bay area, to the Mandalay/Luxor strip, where we finally gave in at the ‘Burger Bar’.  14 bucks for the Burger and fries, and 10 for the beer.  Damn. 

Chris Fugitt spotted me and helped me find the Walgreens (just North of NY NY) to get water and stuff, and then introduced me to the Luxor poker room.  I got to meet some nice folks there, and had a lot of fun.

The best deal of the day was the Shuttle bus to the Hotel at 6 USD, and the lady who gives massages while you play poker, at $10/5 minutes. 


I have 3 events on Monday including the Blogger Social at 6 PM.  I’d hope to get time to have lunch with my buddy George from YesJapan here in Las Vegas.  This is a great school, and really supports the notion that just because you can get free tidbits online, does not mean you will get a good education.  George really jump started my Japanese with a solid foundation and vocabulary through his school. It was worth every penny. I hope I get the chance to visit with him and discuss my recent trip to Japan.