Autodesk recently bumped up the development of Project Dragonfly to become Autodesk Homestyler.  It’s got a name, and a face.

image (I wonder how much that domain cost)

The web based architectural design platform requires no software and no download of any kind. In fact the only interaction you are required to have is to register (for free), in order to save the design.  It will publish to your social media clients (if desired) as well.

image  image

Ok, First i wanna know who designed the interface. It is so cool!!! I placed a room.  Now, how to change the size?  I hunted for 15 seconds and then grabbed the edge and pulled.  The dimensions appeared and updated as I pulled to the correct length.  Later I placed a door, and it snapped into place as expected.  The cool thing was dimensions that automatically appear and show distance in 2 directions down the wall.  Need to change the door’s orientation. Grip the door, there are context glyphs to get the job done.  Did I mention you can do all this in 3D?

Landscaping is included as well, so patios and planters should add a nice touch.

image image

This little plan took about 10 minutes from the time I started explorer to after the registration was completed and the file saved.  The only beef I had was making complex cabinet islands was not so easy. 

It is really easy to learn, so give it a try. My kids are going to love this!