Autodesk Inventor 2018.2

While I was down-and-out Autodesk released Inventor 2018.2. This update includes many fixes, updates, and new functionality. This, of course, is the latest update for Inventor 2018, which started with the 2018.1 update.

Problems Reported Through the Customer Error Reporting Utility

“As a result of the detailed information that we received from customers who used the Customer Error Reporting Utility, we were able to identify and fix several defects “

When Inventor crashes and you get the Customer Error Report (CER) it is very important to fill out. This information does not just go into a black hole, but directly to Autodesk Development. If they cannot address the problem immediately, it is added to a list and addressed in a future hotfix or update. Look no further than the updates included in the 2018.2 update, many directly because of submitted CERs. You can review all the fixes in the update readme.


Inventor 2018.2 improves the AnyCAD toolset with support for Fusion 360 data. This means that you can associatively reference a Fusion 360 model within Inventor and as the Fusion 360 model changes, it updates within Inventor. Reversely, Fusion 360 now supports a similar workflow with Inventor data.

Note, and it is important, this does require Fusion Team for the storage of the files.

Fusion Team is a cloud platform that provides a central workspace for managing files and projects. Once installed, Desktop Connector, lets you access Fusion 360 (.fusiondesign) files locally from a Fusion Team desktop folder. AnyCAD for Fusion 360 lets you import Fusion 360 (.fusiondesign) files as an AnyCAD reference model directly from within Inventor.”

The good news is you have access to Team Fusion projects when subscribing to Fusion 360, the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, or the Product Design Suite.

Once set up, you open (or import) Fusion 360 data no differently than any other AnyCAD file. And just like all other AnyCAD references, Inventor maintains the link to the selected file. Read more about this functionality within the Inventor help.

Inventor2018.2-Fusion AnyCAD

The good… I think this is a really good first step to break down the wall between Inventor and Fusion 360. I really want to start using Fusion 360 for conceptual design, but need to get it back into Inventor to finalize the design, document it properly, and get the design into our ERP system. While a very good first step, it is still a bit clunky to get it all the way to the end (sounds like a future blog post!)

The needs improvement… Unfortunately, this AnyCAD addition does not address the Fusion 360 limitation with document management (aka Vault or Fusion Connect)

More Interoperability

3D Annotation improvements for both from parts and assemblies, so that the annotations are now included when exporting to DWF.

You can now drag dimensions from one DWG Underlay point to another, adjusting the value of the dimension. The Resolve Link dialog is extended to DWG Underlays so that missing references can be found and re-pathed.

Sheet Metal Updates

Inventor 2018 allows for different unfold rules per body in a multi-body sheet metal part. Inventor 2018.2 adds a new Sync Unfold Rule to allow for the quick update to sync all bodies to use the same unfold rule.

Inventor 2018.2 - Sync Sheet Metal Rule

Ground and Root

Previously Ground and Root did what Ground and Root did. Now, use the new-and-improved Ground and Root dialog to manage how the ground and root is applied. This includes grounding the components to the origin, applying origin Flush constraints, and/or repositioning the components to the top of the browser. Seems like a small thing, but the more I use it, the more I find that I’m changing the combination of features.

Inventor 2018.2 - Ground And Root


Use the new Application Option Auto-scale sketch geometry on initial dimension to scale the sketch uniformly based on the first dimension applied.

Use the new Sketch Visibility Icon within the mini-toolbar to manage the visibility of a sketch.

Inventor 2018.2- Make Sketch Visible

More Enhancements

The Inventor 2018.2 update contains more features that I can describe in one post, but here are a few of my other favorites:

  • Edit a Suppressed Constraint
  • New Transparent Background option on exporting images
  • Accumulating measurement values in the Measure tool is back after a short hiatus


Leaving the best to last (my favorite enhancements to Inventor 2018.2) are the changes to iLogic:

Drum roll please…. Autocomplete!…. boom, mic drop. Yes, the iLogic IDE now supports Autocomplete for Inventor parameters, iLogic objects and functions, Inventor API objects, and .NET objects.

Other enhancements:

  • Header section for header text, like import statements.
  • Syntax coloring, to apply colouring in a Modern or Classic format.
  • Use CTRL+S to save the rule within the editor.

Inventor 2018.2 - iLogic Improvements

In Summary

As a mid-year update, the trend by Autodesk recently is on improving and enhancing existing features…. which this update does in many areas. There are also many fixes in this update, alone making it worth the update. So, if you are on Inventor 2018 or 2018.1 there is no reason to wait, update now.



Feature Image Power! by Joe Dykes