Autodesk is pleased to announce that the Simulation platform is easier to use than before.  I think it is safe to say that the learning curve on Inventor has always been extremely flat.  I can’t even begin to compare it to any other application in the Autodesk arsenal in terms of ease of use and learning.


Inventor should be more accessible

Autodesk has taken a stand that the Simulation platform in Inventor should be accessible to more users by making it easier to understand the operation and analysis. These enhancements will permit technicians to perform tests, allowing the reviewing engineers to spend their time more productively.  One such enhancement is the Simulation Guide included in Inventor 2011, that guides users through the steps required to define the best testing scenario, making simulation more accessible to CAD users.


Is there a danger in simplification?

I have taken part in numerous discussions both at Autodesk and at home, regarding the concern of oversimplifying something so critical.  It could be potentially dangerous to permit unskilled users to prepare and interpret analysis, especially when they don’t understand what and how many of the measurements are made.

I spent no small amount of time in the Inventor 2011 Simulation environments, and can say that various enhancements have made it easier to use than before.  While the Guide may not be appealing or desired by skilled technicians and engineers, numerous other enhancements and integrations are a welcomed blessing that everyone can agree upon.



During the Tech Day question and answer closing, Buzz Kross was asked if he was concerned about putting an analysis in the hands of unskilled users. Buzz’s response was simple.  (paraphrased) Nothing was stopping anyone from using the simulation platform and misreading the results before 2011.  The same supervising engineer is still in place.  Simplifying it will permit new technicians up to ‘get up to speed’ faster, making the entire team more efficient in a shorter timeframe and (correct me if I am wrong here Buzz) some more well-planned and well-placed simplification could reduce potential misunderstandings. 

“…am I worried that the application will become too easy ?” Mr. Kross smiled and responded, “I’ll take that chance”.