Nafems World Congress

Nafems World Congress


Autodesk announced that it would sponsor and speak at the 13th annual NAFEMS World Congress 2011, hosted in Boston Massachusetts, May 23-26. The event was created in 1984 in order to explore the rapidly evolving world of software simulation and analysis, and to provide a global authority on the subject.

“With over 150 presentations in more than 40 sessions, it signifies the most comprehensive and wide-ranging collection of analysis and simulation specific papers available from one independent, international event…” – NAFEMS Website.

I seriously wish I was there.

Autodesk Sim Squad Attending

The Autodesk Sim Squad will be there showcasing their 3D simulation, design, and engineering software portfolio, focused on product optimization with their recent releases of Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Simulation (formerly Autodesk Algor Simulation), Autodesk Moldflow as well as CFdesign.

Autodesk SIM Squad member Bob Williams, is already relaying highlights of the event on twitter, and Brian Zias, Ryan Abel, Al Duff, Rita Schnipke, James Herzing, and Xiaoshi Jin will be available throughout the event at Autodesk Booth #11 and are ready to talk about simulation trends, issues, and developments.

Planned Event Highlights

Nafems SponsorsMonday, May 23

  • Scott Reese, senior director, Digital Simulation, will represent Autodesk at the inaugural meeting of the NAFEMS Vendor Advisory Board.
  • Bob Williams, product marketing manager, and Ryan Abel, application engineer, will attend the NAFEMS CFD Working Group Open Meeting.

Tuesday, May 24

10 a.m. EST, Exhibition Stage

  • Scott Reese will present an overview of Autodesk simulation technology during a product showcase.

3:35 p.m. EST, Room 3A

  • Rita Schnipke will offer a CFD 2 session: Tackling CFD Problems from the Beginning.

3:35 p.m. EST, Room 3D

  • Xiaoshi Jin will offer a manufacturing-molding session: Structural Analysis for Plastic Parts with Molding Process Induced Stress and Properties.

Thursday, May 26

2:50 p.m. EST, Exhibition Stage

  • Autodesk sponsors a Best Paper Award: Best Practical Use of Simulation Technology.

Media Contact

Anyone wishing to schedule an interview should contact Stacy Doyle at or 503-707-3861.